4 year old boy playing with Andre Rieu

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4 year old boy playing with Andre Rieu

Post by 12tone » Sat Aug 13, 2005 7:16 pm

So yet again Andre Rieu is on the television. Or is it Reiu?

This time he's inside a huge outdoor stadium, a stadium of which has no roof but inward and upward slanting 'shaders'. And I don't know who he's playing with but all the women violinists look like the monstrosities off of Boohba.

All the audience people are swaying to the waltzes.

I quit watching and do other things but my dad soon points out this kid playing violin. I go and see and yes, it's part of the Rieu show.

A probable-aged 4 year old boy playing violin with Rieu (his playing is good -- doing well with his long on-going 8th note phrases at a rather normally slow tempo). Is this Europe (or America) still looking for the next big thing? Do we really have to resort to younger and younger people taking no notice of older (40+ or even 60 and older) folks playing better 10 fold? Why aren't the videos of Glenn Gould or any other pianist played on tv (I'm talking about the Bravo! channel or even the Detroit Public station [which plays Rieu all the time]) or why arn't any of the available DVD's of symphonies or opera's played? While some are played, it sure seems like the spotlight is on the younger generation.

Do we really need to see such a sight as that boy? The capabilities of a skilled 12 or 15 year old while good aren't nearly that of an older person. So who should be seen on tv? A kid or a person actually skilled and worth watching?

But no, it's our media wanting younger folks for their enjoyment.

What are your thoughts?


Post by Saulsmusic » Sat Aug 13, 2005 8:45 pm

what would you run to see?

A lion running fast or a turtle running fast?

Surely the lion would run in a more skilled manner and also faster then the turtle,but to see a trutle run very fast is truely a rare oppertunity.

Watching glen gould play the piano is very enjoyable I agree,but you wouldnt be so surprised,after all he is an accomplished artist that played piano most of his life.But to see a 4 year old tackle a violin and able to play it good,even though his playing is not professional,still the sight and the event is truely attractive and thrilling.

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Post by Ralph » Sat Aug 13, 2005 10:16 pm

We had a thread not long ago on prodigies. It's a complex subject. Many who show enormous early promise don't develop for a variety of reasons.

Excessive parental pressure may cause all kinds of serious problems as with Midori's anorexia.

But then you have a Maazel who does become a fine adult musician, a successful conductor and a composer.

People do enjoy seeing kids perform but I worry about the price paid.

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