New addition to Cleveland Orchestra discography?

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R Gifford
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New addition to Cleveland Orchestra discography?

Post by R Gifford » Thu May 11, 2017 7:16 pm

Being a life-long Clevelander and having frequently attended Cleveland Orchestra
concerts as well as being an avid record collector, I long ago decided to collect every
Cleveland Orchestra recording as possible.
For whatever reasons George Szell recordings with the so-called Columbia Symphony
and the Music Appreciation Symphony Orchestra have been identified as actually the
Cleveland Orchestra. Why do so many Cleveland Orchestra discographies fail to mention

these recordings? Now I believe a Robert Shaw RCA Victor Orchestra and Chorus
performance to quite possibly be a pseudonym for the Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus.
In a recent book, Tales from the Locker Room: An Anecdotal Portrait of George Szell and his Cleveland Orchestra, the authors Lawrence Angell and Bernette Jaffe in conversation
with Arnold Steinhardt agree that Marc Lifschey's oboe playing on Shaw's recording of
Bach Cantatas with Mack Harrell to be quite extraordinary.
The credits on this recording list Shaw conducting the RCA Victor Orchestra and Chorus, not the usual Robert Shaw Chorale and Orchestra. The copyright date is 1960. Both
Shaw and Lifschey were with the Cleveland Orchestra in 1960. I believe members of the
Cleveland Orchestra and Chorus are the actual performers.
Hopefully someone can confirm or deny my suspicions.

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Re: New addition to Cleveland Orchestra discography?

Post by CharmNewton » Fri May 12, 2017 1:30 am

You may be correct. The recordings were made in St. Paul's Church in Cleveland on May 5-7, 1958.


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