Evgeny Kissin - Beethoven Live [DGG, 2 CDs]

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Evgeny Kissin - Beethoven Live [DGG, 2 CDs]

Post by Lance » Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:57 pm

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com ... SX355_.jpg
https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com ... SX355_.jpg
DGG 479 7581, 2 CDs

All Beethoven:
Piano Sonata #3 in C Op. 2/3 (r.2006 Seoul)
Piano Sonata #14 in c#, Op. 27/2 {"Moonlight"} (r.2012 NYC)
Piano Sonata #23 in f, Op. 57 {"Appassionata") (r.2016 Amsterdam)
Piano Sonata #26 in E-flat, Op. 81a {"Les Adieux") (r.2006, Vienna)
Piano Sonata #32 in c, Op. 111 (r.2013 Verbier)
32 Variations on an Original Theme in c (WoO 80) (r.2007 Monteplier)

Hand-selected by Evgeny Kissin himself. The cover image illustrates an older-looking man now--still with his full head of hair--when one thinks of his earliest images, which is quite natural, and with it, of course, comes the maturity of an artist who has had a strikingly glorious career. Kissin hails today as one of the great pianists before the public. This is a reasonably-priced 2-CD edition from the house of DGG and no doubt will be eagerly sought by collectors. More commentary later as I rehear the set, but given all the Beethoven we all have, I am very happy to have this one.
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