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The CONTEXT Debut Recordings

Post by Lance » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:08 pm ... _QL65_.jpg

The Zephyr label has produced three CD recordings of music by Robert Schumann and Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia, all performed on original instruments.

*Volume 1: 123: Piano Quartet in C Minor (1829); Ferdinand: Piano Quartet in F Minor, Op. 6
*Volume 2: 124: Piano Quintet in E-flat Major, Op. 44; Ferdinand: Piano QWuintet in C, Op. 1
* Volume 3: 125: Schumann: Piano Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 47; Ferdinand: Piano Trioin A-flat Miajor, Op. 2

Artists included in the series:

Sergiu Luca, violin (1820 violin)
Nicholas Selo, cello (1819 cello)
Brian Connelly, piano (1810, Viennese piano)
Kenneth Goldsmith, violin (1785 violin)
Paul Cortese, viola (18th century)

Said Robert Schumann of Ferdinand: "Perhaps one remembers that most romantic of all princes, Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, and his quartet which assures for him an immortal place in the history of music." —1849; and Schumann again: "He was the Romantic of the Classical Era." —1837

Said Beethoven: "He plays not at all like a king or a prince, but like a real pianist." —1796

I wrote another post on Louis Ferdinand about a complete set of his published works, however, it is interesting to hear these works on period instruments as the composers might have heard heard them. The prince admired by Beethoven, and a model to the young Romantics for his progressive music and social ideals, died a hero's death on the battlefield in 1806. Schumann modeled his own early works on the prince's example.

These recordings were made in Texas/USA in 2001-2002. I believe they are now out of print, and it is a shame the series was not continued beyond the three CDs already issued. However, they are worth seeking on the pre-owned market. ♫
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