The DOVER Publication Master Tapes

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The DOVER Publication Master Tapes

Post by Lance » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:33 pm

Years ago, Dover Publications, the famed book publishing company of reprints, etc., issued a whole series of classical LPs years ago (list price $2/each!). Among the artists on their roster was the pianist Beveridge Webster who made some extraordinary recordings for the label. I have been in touch with the pianist's son, and others to try to determine if anyone knows why Dover has not reissued these recordings on CDs. It could be Dover enlisted the services of a recording company who maintained the original tapes and merely sold the LPs. Does anyone know anything about the original Dover tapes? It seems as though I heard somewhere that Dover, themselves, has no information on the whereabouts of these tapes.
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Re: The DOVER Publication Master Tapes

Post by John F » Fri Mar 09, 2018 11:50 am

I picked up Dover's set of the Bartok quartets played by the Tatrai String Quartet. Seems unlikely that Dover made the recordings themselves; I should think they licensed the masters from the Hungarian company, Qualiton or Hungaroton, who have now published them on CD. Dover isn't really in the record business, it's a good question why they got into it, and not surprising if they have no corporate memory of the details.

You might do what I've done: look up the Dover repertoire/artists in Amazon and see whether any of those recordings are out on CD. If so, then the company that issued them would be where to look for info about them.
John Francis

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