Warner's acquisition labels catalogue: numbers

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Warner's acquisition labels catalogue: numbers

Post by Lance » Sun May 13, 2018 3:27 pm

What confusion! With Warner Music Company taking over so many labels, including the great EMI, Virgin, Teldec, Erato, the Parlophone group (EMI, etc. various countries, Pathé, etc), Hispavox, and who knows what else, it's been a nightmare trying to keep reissues in the expanded series especially for EMI numbering and Erato (Apex, Teldec, etc.) I am still placing Warner product derived from EMI within the EMI section. With Erato, you have to determine if these were original Erato product or Teldec. Once determined, I keep those in their relative selections. Another complaint, for large collections, the catalogue numbers on the spines are often so small it is impossible to make them out.

With RCA and Columbia now under the SONY blanket, they often mix repertoire from artists who recorded for both. Sometimes the logos for RCA and/or SONY appear on the same jacket. So there is some minor confusion here. If you catalogue via computer, it is difficult to know what label actually to show numerically under what label.

So, anyone else have complaints about numbering systems?
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Re: Warner's acquisition labels catalogue: numbers

Post by John F » Mon May 14, 2018 1:12 am

I shelved my records in order by the name of the publisher and the issue number on the spine, regardless of the source, so the vagaries you describe wouldn't have affected me. The catalog of my collection, with sections organized by composer/work and performing artists, is how I found the record I wanted. This very practical system was described by David Hamilton in a 1969 High Fidelity article, "Now Where Did I Put That Franck Sonata?"; during my brief time as editor of the ARSC Journal I reprinted it there.

http://www.arsc-audio.org/journals/v17/ ... p41-52.pdf
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