Schönbrunn Concert 2018 (HD) - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

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Re: Schönbrunn Concert 2018 (HD) - Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Post by Belle » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:54 pm

Thanks for posting this, though I am unfamiliar with the broadcast language. Looking at that Schloss and its magnificent orchestra and Gloriette (up the back, in all its splendour) makes me miserable being away from Vienna. That year, 2011, that we spent there was the happiest in the lives of both my husband and myself. I had to be literally coaxed onto the plane to come home and it was a full month before I could go up to the local mall to see the badly dressed locals!!

Maestro Gergiev; I have seen him many times and enjoy old 'flutter fingers'!!

I prefer the ORF2 broadcast, in Wienerische!!

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