Must Check On What Met Has

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Must Check On What Met Has

Post by lennygoran » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:20 am

On our trip in this time we saw 2 plays-Beautiful and Waitress-I was delighted to find both theaters had devices which let me use the telecoil on my hearing aids-each device was different but got the job done! What's nice is Vivian Beamont theater at lincoln center where you don't even need a device-I just hit telecoil mode on my hearing aid and it works perfectly-still the old broadway theaters aren't about to pay the cost for putting them in theaters although a few have. Anyway now I have to find out what the Met has at this time-for operas not in English or even those in English as long as there are surtitles I'm fine. For me the more telecoil there is available the better-the hearing devices you stickin your ears are not nearly as convenient. Len


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