Igor Levit, pianist "Life"

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Igor Levit, pianist "Life"

Post by Lance » Sat Oct 06, 2018 12:19 am

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com ... _QL65_.jpg
German CBS-Sony Classical 42445, 2 CDs

CD 1
*Busoni: Fantasia after J. S. Bach
*J. S. Bach/Brahms: Chcaconne from partita for Solo Violin No. 2 for Left-Hand
* Schumann Variations in E-flat Major on an Original Theme {"Ghost Variations"}, WoO 24
*Rzewski: A Mensch

CD 2
*Wagner/Liszt: Solemn March to the Holy Grail from Parsifal
*Liszt: Fantasia and Fugue on the Chorale "Ad Nos, ad salutarem undam"
*Wagner/Liszt: Isolde's Liebestod
*Busoni: Berceuse (in memory of his father)
*Bill Evans: Peace Piece

What about Igor Levit: Read here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Levit

Levit has issued a number of records through Sony's German branch. This edition is, as noted in the title, about life and its various stages and has particular meaning to the pianist, Igor Levit.

This is a beautifully recorded set with a magnificently prepared and evenly-voiced piano, probably a Hamburg Steinway. The famous Chaconne of Bach for the left-hand is one of the best recordings of the work I have ever heard. Suddenly it seems Schumann's "Ghost Variations" are becoming more popular these days despite Clara Wieck's wishes not to have the work ever published inasmuch as Schumann was enduring serious mental problems at this time. Nonetheless, close listening reveals the pain and curiosity about the meaning of life, probably something most of us think about one time or another. Yet Schumann manages to inspire the mind with a little deeper thought given some of its hymn-like characteristics. Schumann, in the end, could never deny he wrote this work; his pianistic mannerisms are to be found throughout.

An interesting set, well-priced, and may cause you to investigate some of the pianist's other recordings. ♫
Lance G. Hill

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Re: Igor Levit, pianist "Life"

Post by maestrob » Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:38 am

I have Igor Levit's Goldberg Variations, and they're quite excellent. Thanks for bringing this up, Lance. The Schumann piece intrigues me, as I have not heard it yet.

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