Frank Bridge's Piano Sonata

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Frank Bridge's Piano Sonata

Post by Rach3 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:47 am

Pianist Ashley Wass , a pianist I follow, live in London earlier this week, playing the very formidable Piano Sonata of Frank Bridge.Extraordinary Wass chose to play it live, i assume without score (? ). I have his Naxos cd.Not for casual or distracted listening. As Wass says , there is “no sunshine.” Composed in the 1920’s in response to the loss of a friend in WWI, Bridge a pacifist deeply disturbed by the “ great “ War. Starts at 20:00 in to the BBC broadcast , then the Sonata approx. 30 minutes long.Apparently criticized at the time of its premiere as too difficult to listen :

The Wass cd of the Sonata,with score , is also at YT if I recall correctly. I have not heard the recording of Bridge specialist pianist Peter Jacobs.

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