Manhattan Plaza Home To Artists-Met-NYCO

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Manhattan Plaza Home To Artists-Met-NYCO

Post by lennygoran » Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:21 am

I had noticed PBS Thirteen was showing this documentary a few weeks ago and DVR'ed it-I watched it yesterday and recommend it if one can find it somewhere--could only find the trailer-the history of Manhattan Plaza-we pass the building all the time-when I used to drive into NYC and go up 10th Ave and now that we take the bus in from Secaucus to the Port Authority-they mention many people from the old NYCO and the Metropolitan Opera lived there at one time or another. I had no idea it was subsidized housing with an emphasis on the artists. Regards, Len

Miracle on 42nd Street" is a one-hour documentary about the untold history and impact of the Manhattan Plaza apartment complex in New York City. Starting with the background of the blighted Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood and the building’s initial commercial failure in the mid-1970s, the story recounts how – in a moment of bold inspiration or maybe desperation – the buildings were “re-purposed” as subsidized housing for people who worked in the performing arts, becoming one of the first intentional, government supported, affordable housing for artist residences.

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