Firminus Caron circa 1420 (aka Philippe (le) Caron)

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Firminus Caron circa 1420 (aka Philippe (le) Caron)

Post by Belle » Wed Feb 20, 2019 6:30 pm

This little-known 15th century French composer came to my attention when I was undertaking some research. I've discovered that my erstwhile Musicology lecturer at university is one of the academics who has completed some transcriptions of this composer's work. Firstly, a sample from Firminus Caron: Missa Sanguinis Sanctorum, a beautiful polyphonic mass.

There is dispute about Caron's christian name and it's explained on this site, which was a joint project with Dr. Eakins and Dr. Stoessel: ... tion/caron

And here's some information about my erstwhile Professor who has been involved in The Caron Project. You can see from the site that Dr. Eakins has edited three of the polyphonic masses of Caron. He has since retired and Dr. Stoessel has taken over, but my interest in medieval and renaissance music is largely explained due to my connection with Dr. Eakins:

(I'd like to be able to discuss the chant and the cantus firmus with jbuck, but alas...)

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