Dirk Schaefer

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Dirk Schaefer

Post by Rach3 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 6:06 pm

Wonderful music and pianism of Holland’s Dirk Schaefer ( 1873 - 1931 ).Influences of course ( who is not “ influenced” ) , but a distinctive voice even in Late Romanticism. Gems ,all will be repeat hearings for me , first time hearings today .From a YT post :

“ Dirk Schäfer was a Dutch pianist and composer. He began his piano studies in 1888 at the Rotterdam Music School, and then studied with the support of a government scholarship at the Cologne Conservatory (1891-1894) with Pauer (piano) and Wüllner (composition); in 1892 he won the Mendelssohn Prize of Berlin. After his return to Holland he made many concert tours of Germany, France, Austria and Belgium, though his artistic sensitivity kept him from travelling as an international virtuoso. In 1913-1915 he gave a series of 11 concerts surveying the keyboard literature from Byrd to Debussy and Schoenberg; later in life he specialized in Chopin. “ Het klavier “ (Amsterdam, 1942), compiled from his notes by Ida Schäfer-Dumstorff, sets out his ideas on performance. His compositions show discernment and finesse; particularly in smaller forms he was able to express himself to happy effect in a style that, though related to Chopin, Skryabin and, to some extent, Brahms, has its individuality. He was at his best in writing for the piano, but the two short orchestral pieces show great skill in orchestration.”

Schaefer himself playing ( 1926 ) Mozart ’s “Duport “ Variations:


His Acht Klavierstukken, Op.15 ( David Kuyken, pianist ) :


Sonata Inaugurale for Piano, Op.9 (Jacob Bogaart,pianist) ):


“Interludes”, Op.17 ( David Kuyken, pianist ):


Piano Quintet , Op.5 (Orpheus String Quartet,Bogaart ),long but gorgeous:


Violin Sonata , Op.6,# 2 ( Candida Thompson,violin,David Kuyken,piano ),striking :


Cello Sonata ( Doris Hochscheid,cello,Frans van Ruth, piano ), a bit more austere:


Toccata ,Op.18 (Rene Rakier, 83, pianist ), Debussian ,Ravelian !? :


Schaefer himself playing ca. 1924-26:

Chopin Mazurka,Op.17, # 4:




Chopin,Waltz, Op.42:


I have not heard the two short orchestral pieces at YT yet.

To be 36-38 C. tomorrow in Holland . As I recall, fortunately the Ornageboom is served cold, unlike the English room temp bitters and ales.

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Re: Dirk Schaefer

Post by Rach3 » Fri Jul 26, 2019 3:45 pm


Schaefer’s Paraphrase on Themes from “ Weiner Blut “ Waltz of Johann Strauss,Jr. ( Tobias Bigger, pianist ) :


Listened again to the links in the OP. Schaefer’s pianism brings immediately to mind the playing of Moriz Rosenthal , who would also have approved his Paraphrase. In Schaefer’s hands , the Chopin Op.66 becomes a paean for Poland.

Holy cow, at 9:42 pm Holland time, in Holland right now (Friday,July 26 ) , the air temp in Amsterdam is 38C. ( 101F. ) !!

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