Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov live

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Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov live

Post by Rach3 » Wed May 06, 2020 10:28 am

Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov in Edinburgh, Feb. 2020,a pianist I follow.Was not particularly impressed first few times I heard his playing a few years ago , but he has become much more interesting,impressive since. Quite an opening “warm up “ choice , which “La Cloche” followed attaca.Not the largest sonority in the Liszt works, but wonderful transparency, rhetoric and colorations, and in rest of the recital as well.He had a plan for this programme , perhaps a study in sonic contrasts in different ages, the Beethoven compared to the preceding Liszts as a group, to the following Scriabin grouping likewise, and within the Sonata itself. ( Or, perhaps I should just shut-up.) The Scriabins played without interruption and very effectively.Kolesnikov notes he is a perfume collector.


Liszt: Wilde Jagd from Etudes d’exécution trascendante
Liszt: La Cloche Sonne S.238
Liszt: Vision from Etudes d’exécution transcendante (No 6)
Liszt: Wiegenlied S. 198
Beethoven: Sonata No 17, Op 31 No.2 ‘Tempest Sonata’
Scriabin: Prelude Op 48 No 2
Prelude Op 22 No 3
Danse languide Op 51 No 4
Prelude Op 22 No 4
Poeme aile Op 51 No 3
Mazurka Op 3 No 9
Prelude Op 11 No 13

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Re: Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov live

Post by maestrob » Wed May 06, 2020 12:27 pm

Kolesnikov has impressed me also with his recent Chopin releases (reviewed elsewhere in these pages). I'll be very interested in hearing this. Thanks, Rach3!

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Re: Pianist Pavel Kolesnikov live

Post by maestrob » Tue May 12, 2020 11:02 am


Kolesnikov has the chops to be a deep thinker about his repertoire (see his Chopin Mazurkas CD), but I felt that this recital, while well-played, lacked the depth of his best recording. Somehow the Liszt and Beethoven went OK, but I missed the passion and nuance I've come to expect in that repertoire. Kolesnikov is young, of course, and will add finesse to his playing as he matures, I'm sure. The Scriabin was quite beautiful and suited his talent well.

Thanks for making this available, rach3.

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