Pianist Rudolf Kehrer

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Pianist Rudolf Kehrer

Post by Rach3 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:39 pm

A series of 2-hour programs with Henry Fogel of WFMT radio featuring the Russian pianist Rudolf Kehrer (1923-1994), whose career included a 13-year Stalinist exile 1941-1954 ( his parents were ethnic Germans, but he and they born in Russia ) without a piano. Quite a story.

So far heard of the solo works the Bach/Busoni Chaconne and Franck PC&F from the first WFMT program( 1998 recital), and Prokofieff 7th Sonata from fourth program ( 1991 recital).Extraordinary playing all, especially in the fugue of the Franck and Prokofieff first mov. Not to be missed,IMHO.

All the programs contain a rich variety of solo works and several concertos , including Brahms 1st , “Emperor”, Liszt # 1, Rach # 2, Prokofieff #1, and Mozart 21.I have heard only the Mozart and Brahms. The Mozart was too driven for my taste, but I will add Kehrer to my Rubinstein/Reiner,Malcuzynski,Schnabel,Backhaus/Boult,Kapell,Gerstein pantheon of Brahms #1, my fav PC of all PC’s. The Brahms starts about 54 minutes into the 3rd program, with Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, Moscow Radio Orch.,Doremi 8086-90 ,1969.





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