A little fun with Frozen 2

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A little fun with Frozen 2

Post by slofstra » Sat Jul 25, 2020 4:07 pm

We've seen 'Frozen 2' with the grandkids three times now. I love the movie just as much as they do, and there's nothing like seeing a movie with kids to feel like a kid again. Aside from that, the movie is extremely well done.
In the last week we've also been watching a 6 part 'Making of' documentary on Disney+ which is almost more compelling than the movie itself.
I don't know about you, but often when I watch a movie, the soundtrack is very much in the foreground for me. In the 'Making of' documentary there's a very compelling moment where the key singer (Ilse), the song writers, Robert Lopez and Kristin Anderson-Lopez, and the two directors, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, come into the music studio to hear the orchestration for the very first time. To set the scene, Lee and the Lopez's have been sweating out the script and the songs for months prior. What makes the clip is Lee's absolute delight at the big reveal of the orchestral arrangements.
There are pop music scores that I like, but John Williams and the first Star Wars movie brought orchestral scores back into fashion. For me an original orchestral score just brings the movie watching experience up a couple of notches. So, I fully understand the delight of Lee and the others as they hear the anchor tune from the movie fully rendered for the first time.

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