Hindemith Operas On Youtube .

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Hindemith Operas On Youtube .

Post by THEHORN » Wed Nov 04, 2020 3:43 pm

Lately, I've been taking advantage of an opportunity to get to know the very interesting but for the most part neglected operas of Hindemith on youtube . I've known his genuinely great opera "Mathis Der Maler " , the complete opera, not the more familiar symphony for many years tfrom the superb EMI recording with Fischer-Dieskau in the title role and Kubelik conducting, and have heard the Keilberth recording on DG, also with DFD of his expressionistic "Cardiac ". I also have the DVD of a Munich performance of this with the late Wolfgang Sawallisch conducting , and more recently have heard the recording of his late opera "Die Harmonie Der Welt, base don the life of the great astronomer Johannes Kepler conceited by Marek Janowski i .
All of these are works which deserve to be performed more often , and the Met should definitely do Mathis Der Maler .
There is a good performance of Mathis from Barcelona on youtube, with Albert Dolmen as Mathis, but it replaces the dream sequence where Mathis experiences the temptations of St. Anthony with the music from the 3rd movement of the symphony, foregoing the characters actually singing the scene , which is unfortunate . The Munich Cardillac is also on Youtube .
I have the Chandos recording of Hindemith's early, very brief ( only about 20 minutes ) and luridly sexual "Sancta Susanna", about a sex crazed nun who end up being inured inside a wall by the other nuns for her brazenly blasphemous lusting after the body of Jesus on a state in a convent . This one is really over the top but fascinating opera in a lush, highly chromatic late Romantic style which Hindemith soon abandoned ( it was written about 100 years ago in his youth ). The video is from the Lyon opera with no star singers , but they are first rate and it's conducted by Bernhard Kontarsky, the brother of the well known Kontarsky brothers piano team . There is also some nudity in case you're squeamish .
On youtube, there is Hindemith's zany but brilliant "Das Nusch Nuschi , also an early work , this time an audio recording with the late Gerd Albrecht conducting with the piano score .This is Hindemith making use of exoticism and orientalism .
The opera takes place in Burma and is about the infidelities of the four official wives of theBurmese emperor with a general in the army . The general had previously been attacked by a fearsome animal called the "Nuch Nuschi . When he is sentenced to be castrated by the executioner , it's al in vain, because the creature had castrated him, and everyone explode with laughter !
Hindemiths score is brilliantly inventive and the orchestration could hardly be more colorful . It's a blast , and is about one hour long .
There is also youtube video of Hindemith's surrealistic farce "Hin & Zuruck " (there and back " . This opera is only about 15 minutes long and is scored for small instrumental ensemble . Here, a married man and his wife have a quarrel because she has been unfaithful to him , and he shoots her . A doctor and his assistant appear . All of a sudden, a sorcerer appears out of nowhere, and the action reverses itself to the opening -like a VCR tape being rewound ! The music reverses itself, too ! The performance is from a music festival somewhere n Germany several tears ago .
I must say I really enjoyed getting to know this composer's operas better . All of them are very much worth hearing and seeing . I recommend all of these operas to anyone here who is not familiar with them or perhaps only knows Mathis and Cardillac .

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Re: Hindemith Operas On Youtube .

Post by lennygoran » Thu Nov 05, 2020 7:01 am

THEHORN wrote:
Wed Nov 04, 2020 3:43 pm
Lately, I've been taking advantage of an opportunity to get to know the very interesting but for the most part neglected operas of Hindemith on youtube .
Bob I saw this on a DVD a long time ago and liked it-now I've just added this one to my queue at Netflix-it has the English captions I need--thanks for the suggestion! Regards, Len

Wolfgang Sawallisch conducts this acclaimed staging of Paul Hindemith's ambitious opera of the goldsmith Cardillac, whom fortune seems to favor and then abandon, featuring Donald McIntyre and Maria de Francesca-Cavazza in the starring roles. Filmed in 1985 at the Bavarian State Opera and directed by the legendary Jean-Pierre Ponnelle, the production captures every nuance of Hindemith's powerful tale of love, suspicion and betrayal.
Cast Donald McIntyre, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Bavarian State Opera, Bavarian State Orchestra, Maria de Francesca-Cavazza, Robert Schunk, Hans Günter Nöcker, Josef Hopferwieser, Doris Soffel, Karl Helm
Director Brian Large
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Re: Hindemith Operas On Youtube .

Post by maestrob » Thu Nov 05, 2020 10:32 am

Thank you, Robert, for the suggestion. :)

I've long been an admirer of Hindemith's orchestral music, including the suite from Mathis der Maler, but frankly have never explored his operas.

Looks like it's time for me to do so.

Please stay safe in these trying times.

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