Thomas Larcher's Cello Concerto

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Thomas Larcher's Cello Concerto

Post by Rach3 » Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:38 pm

I was not sure whether to post this , but given the review I read ( after hearing the work today for the first time ), and the fact an artist of Weilerstein’s calibre invested in the work, felt I should post even if probably a one-time for me. A fascinating work ( about 22 minutes ) , and a composer new to me to perhaps learn more about and follow.I did not hear the rest of the concert.Very much a “triple concerto” for all concerned. ( At about 22:00 in )

Enregistré le 17 janvier 2020, dans la grande salle de l'opéra de Francfort

Joseph Haydn - Symphonie No. 82 en Do Majeur, Hob. I:82 ('L'Ours')

Thomas Larcher - Ouroboros, pour violoncelle et orchestre

Johann Sebastian Bach - Sarabande de la Suite No. 5 en do mineur pour violoncelle seul, BWV 1011' (bis)

Richard Strauss - Don Juan, op. 20

Richard Strauss - Suite du « Chevalier à la rose » op. 59

Josef Strauss - Polka Schnell Ohne Sorgen (bis)

Alisa Weilerstein, violoncelle
Orchestre symphonique de la radio de Francfort
Andrés Orozco-Estrada, direction

Richard Morrison in The Times,November 2020, about “Ouroboros”: “It’s a masterpiece.”

“[…] Ouroboros was written by the Austrian composer Thomas Larcher, who had a big hit at the Aldeburgh Festival last year with his psychologically disturbing opera The Hunting Gun. This work is a cello concerto like no other.

Its title refers to the Ancient Egyptian (and later Greek) symbol depicting a snake biting its own tale. For thousands of years that has been interpreted as a metaphor for the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, but if that was in Larcher’s mind it is a life cycle that mixes eruptions of violence with profound melancholy. The cellist (here the LPO’s superb principal, Kristina Blaumane) is less conventional concerto soloist than leader of a feral pack, careering from the highest harmonics to the lowest growls and often accompanied by a piano that is sometimes played inside-out. In 20 minutes there isn’t a single false step. It’s a masterpiece. […]” Richard Morrison, The Times, 5.11.2020 (Quite the bio ! )

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Re: Thomas Larcher's Cello Concerto

Post by maestrob » Sat Jan 16, 2021 8:24 am

Intriguing. Least I can do is give it a chance, so I'll check this out today. Alisa Weilerstein has recorded the Carter Cello Concerto with Barenboim, IIRC, so she's no stranger to contemporary fare, and she is a master interpreter of core repertoire. I respect her playing tremendously.

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Re: Thomas Larcher's Cello Concerto

Post by Modernistfan » Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:54 pm

Yes, Ms. Weilerstein has recorded the Carter cello concerto. She also, at least in my opinion, did a great job with the two Shostakovich cello concertos. She is now recording for Pentatone, and I hope that she does record this.

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Re: Thomas Larcher's Cello Concerto

Post by diegobueno » Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:15 am

There are at least two performances of this piece on Youtube. One of them is by Weilerstein.

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Re: Thomas Larcher's Cello Concerto

Post by maestrob » Mon Jan 18, 2021 2:11 pm

Orozco-Estrada is a conductor I've been watching carefully, and he has presented here one of his finest musical efforts to date. Nothing is routine or neglected. I was concerned that, for instance, the Haydn might be left for last as a read-through, but there were telling, subtle details even in that well-worn classic that impressed me.

Of course Larcher's intense Cello Concerto was the main draw for me, as it should be, and I agree with Morrison, a critic I often admire, when he declares it a masterpiece. This is great music for the 21st century, and I plan on re-hearing it in the coming days through the link here. Weilerstein is a sincere advocate for all that she plays, whether it's this concerto or the Bach bis that followed. Curiously, the French announcer pronounced her name as a German would (Veilershtein), even though she is North American. Oh well!

Great concert, all the way through, Steve! Many thanks! :D
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Re: Thomas Larcher's Cello Concerto

Post by Lance » Mon Jan 18, 2021 5:11 pm

I am very much attracted to the art of cellist Alisa Weilerstein. I will give a listen to the YouTube. I just wonder how magnetic it will be for me!
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