CO2 and methane emissions by state

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CO2 and methane emissions by state

Post by piston » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:42 pm

It's no secret that the state of Texas is the greatest source of CO2 emissions in this country, but this graph, slightly outdated, gives us a sense of proportions. Texas (26 million people) emits about four times more CO2 than New York state (19.5 million):
A recent "top-down" study of methane emissions in the country (based on satellite readings), from Harvard U., found that EPA "bottom-up" estimates were far lower, some fifty percent lower, than their data, probably due to unmonitored methane leakages on the ground. This study identified south-central United States (Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas) as the major source of methane emissions, 45 percent of which is linked to natural gas production.
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