New threat esp. for Mac OS and Unix/Linux users

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John F
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New threat esp. for Mac OS and Unix/Linux users

Post by John F » Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:28 am

My antivirus program just popped up a window - something it has never done before - to warn of a new computer vulnerability named Shellshock. It mainly affects servers (computers) running the operating systems Mac OS X, Unix, or Linux which use a program called Bash. The Windows operating system doesn't run Bash; however, since many Internet servers run on Linux or Unix, one that's infected could possibly infect a user's computer connected to it if the browser allows Bash to run.

A detailed account of the "exploit," mainly about the threat to servers, is here: ... 000034072/

Trend Micro provides information about the threat to users like us and also free downloadable software that can detect and protect against Shellshock. Here's the page: ... AlO68P8HAQ

Apple has issued patch updates for the Mac OS to deal with the problem - be sure to keep updated. Also, Apple says that the bug only affects power users that take advantage of the advanced UNIX services within OS X. If you're a Mac user and don't know what that means, then Apple says you probably aren't at risk.

For Windows users, Trend Micro's software works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Android. There's nothing for Firefox, but the ZDNet piece says, "We do not believe Firefox can be forced to ... allow Bash to run."
John Francis

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