Mozilla Thunderbird email client

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John F
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Mozilla Thunderbird email client

Post by John F » Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:26 am

For those who prefer keeping their email ins and outs on their computer's hard drive rather than on the web, Mozilla's Thunderbird is excellent software for the purpose. Updates are fewer and farther between than for Firefox, but there have been a couple recently that make it worth updating Tbird if you have it, or possibly adopting it if you don't.

Tbird blocks "remote content" in incoming email, chiefly graphics but other material as well which could possibly be used by hackers to infect the computer. Usually I want the remote content to be shown, and there's been a button for that purpose in the in-box display window. Now this has been improved: you can set Tbird to show remote content automatically for a specific sender's address, while continuing to block it for all other email addresses. So I can have it both ways: safety and convenience.

Another little improvement has to do with saving email attachments to the hard drive, stuff like photo files and documents. Previously this had to be done separately for each attachment. Now there's a button in the in-box display window, Save All, which does just that: the button copies all attachments to the default save folder, or some other folder of your choice.

So if you're still on Thunderbird version 24, time to update to version 31. Click on Help | About Thunderbird to see what version you have and to update if necessary.

And if you don't use Thunderbird but would like to try it, you'll find the free download here:
John Francis

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Re: Mozilla Thunderbird email client

Post by Guitarist » Sun Dec 28, 2014 10:15 pm

I've used it for years--it's great.

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