MLB Postseason Thoughts

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MLB Postseason Thoughts

Post by jserraglio » Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:56 pm

A matchup the Dodgers should fear: the wildcard Diamondbacks. I predict Arizona, re-built using the Red Sox formula, will knock LA out of contention if they get past the wildcard playoff game. Just like last year's Blue Jays did to the Rangers. They have already beat the Dodgers 11 times this season.

A matchup the Indians better fear more than Boston or Houston: the Yankees. Right now I am losing sleep over the prospect of NY eliminating Cleveland in the ALDS. Over a 7-game series, CLE probably beats them, but in the 5-game ALDS, the Yankees have a good shot of taking control. It wouldn't surprise me if they won.

I think the Cubs will win the NL pennant again. The AL is a tossup: any one of four teams could go to the WS. What about the fifth team, the Twins? It would be a sensational coup for manager Paul Molitor to win the pennant, and if my Indians are fated to lose, I am rooting for the upstart Minnesota Twins in their stead.

Francisco Lindor is the Indians' lead-off hitter with 33 HRs. Lately, he has been acknowledging the opposing pitcher with a nod and a smile before the game's first pitch. I have never seen a hitter do that before. Usually the pitcher is the enemy.

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