"Is Political Correctness Why Trump Won?"

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"Is Political Correctness Why Trump Won?"

Post by Belle » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:22 am

The excellent online journal "Spiked" is hosting these kinds of panel discussions in the USA and this one I've just found recently. This is what the internet is doing so well and, largely, is one of the reasons the mainstream media is being left behind. I've been lectures on free speech by editor Brendan O'Neill in Sydney; he's now living in the USA and can never be relied upon to make statements which agree with one's own beliefs!! It's good because it helps develop an open mind. Steven Pinker - another phenomenal Canadian!!

Hope you find this interesting and thought-provoking:


I watch these kinds of programs all the time and share them with friends who spread them out still further. I make no comments on the findings of the panel; I leave that to you, the viewer.

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