Interview with Dr. Camille Paglia

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Interview with Dr. Camille Paglia

Post by Belle » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:34 pm

This interview was conducted in written Portuguese and and can only be read by activating 'Translate', which is fraught at times but altogether not too bad. Apart from some (ironic, as it happens) gender pronoun confusion and words sticking out at the end of sentences, as though lifeless and on a limb, the interview is lively and intelligent. I am a huge admirer of Dr. Paglia, her intellectual heft and, for some, confronting heterodoxy. And, like me, she's a huge fan of Dr. Jordan Peterson - which she expresses magnificently. ... -educacao/

It took me almost an hour to read, process and understand this interview - not least because of the references to the work of prominent intellectuals and various cultural movements. I did read "The Second Sex" decades ago but found it far less interesting and more predictable than it ought to have been.

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