Planting feminism in India — Paul Salopek walks across the world

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Planting feminism in India — Paul Salopek walks across the world

Post by jserraglio » Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:02 am


This story is part of journalist Paul Salopek’s multiyear, 21,000-mile walk across the world in the footsteps of our African forebears. ... -feminism/

What is the most common injustice encountered on a walk across the world?

It is not the suppression of minority cultures. Nor is it the endless variety of intolerance rooted in religion or race. No. It is the much subtler exclusion of women from humanity’s ledger book of rewards and opportunities. No country is immune from this prejudice. Visiting in a spaceship, the inhabitants of Jupiter would puzzle over a strange fact: Half of the seven billion members of Homo sapiens on our planet are often denied access to political power, made to work harder, and compensated less—based on the possession of two X chromosomes.

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