Billy Evans, the officer who died in the Capitol attack, was an 18-year veteran of the force.

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Billy Evans, the officer who died in the Capitol attack, was an 18-year veteran of the force.

Post by maestrob » Sat Apr 03, 2021 8:12 am

By Luke Broadwater
April 2, 2021


The Capitol Police identified the officer killed in the line of duty on Friday as William F. Evans, an 18-year veteran of the force.

Officer Evans was one of two officers who were injured when they were rammed by a vehicle at the U.S. Capitol. He was later pronounced dead.

“It is with profound sadness that I share the news of the passing of Officer William ‘Billy’ Evans this afternoon from injuries he sustained following an attack at the north barricade by a lone assailant,” Yogananda D. Pittman, the acting chief of the Capitol Police, said in a statement.

The driver, who emerged from the car with a knife, was shot and killed, according to the police.

Officer Evans began working for the Capitol Police on March 7, 2003, and was a member of the first responder unit.

Officer Evans’s death comes after a horrific few months for the Capitol Police force. Nearly 140 officers were injured during a deadly assault on the building on Jan. 6 by a pro-Trump mob. Officer Brian Sicknick died of injuries he sustained during the siege.

“This has been an extremely difficult time for U.S. Capitol Police,” Chief Pittman said.

Officer Evans was born in North Adams, Mass., The Boston Globe reported. “He loved being a U.S. Capitol Police officer more than anyone could really say,” City Councilor Jason M. LaForest told The Globe in an interview on Friday.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called Officer Evans a “martyr for our democracy,” said in a letter to congressional colleagues that she had been in touch with Officer Evans’s family.

“I have conveyed our prayers and condolences to his mother, Janice, with our offer of assistance to her and Officer Evans’ children, Logan and Abigail,” Ms. Pelosi said in the letter. “I have also conveyed the prayers of the Congress with our ongoing promise of help in any way to the family of the other Officer harmed, who exhibited great valor in defending the Capitol.”

Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the minority leader, said he was “heartbroken” at Officer Evans’s death.

“Once again, brave officers of the United States Capitol Police have been violently attacked while simply doing their job,” he said. “The Senate is praying hard for the second injured officer and for Officer Evans’s family and friends. We could not be more grateful for the professionalism and heroism of the officers who neutralized this threat at the checkpoint and for the entire U.S.C.P. force, who have had to endure so much in just a few short months.”

The Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer of New York, said he had also spoken with Officer Evans’s family on Friday night, telling them that the Senate mourned his loss and appreciated his bravery, a spokesman for the senator’s office said.

President Biden has ordered American flags to be flown at half-staff at all federal buildings, including the White House, Ms. Pelosi said.

“Members of Congress, staff and Capitol workers, and indeed all Americans, are united in appreciation for the courage of the U.S. Capitol Police,” she said. “Today, once again, these heroes risked their lives to protect our Capitol and our country, with the same extraordinary selflessness and spirit of service seen on Jan. 6.”

Luke Broadwater covers Congress. He was the lead reporter on a series of investigative articles at the Baltimore Sun that won a Pulitzer Prize and a George Polk Award in 2020. ... e=Homepage

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Re: Billy Evans, the officer who died in the Capitol attack, was an 18-year veteran of the force.

Post by barney » Sat Apr 03, 2021 8:44 pm

Interesting that no one (that I hve seen) is speculating on the motives of the killer - ie, is he a MAGA cultist? And I strongly approve of that reticence.

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Re: Billy Evans, the officer who died in the Capitol attack, was an 18-year veteran of the force.

Post by diegobueno » Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:30 pm

CNN article wrote:Noah Green, the suspect who law enforcement sources say rammed his car into two US Capitol Police officers on Friday, posted on social media in the weeks before the attack that he had lost his job and suffered medical ailments, and said he believed the federal government was targeting him with "mind control."

Less than two hours before he was shot and killed, Green posted a number of Instagram stories on an account that appears to belong him, including links to ​other Instagram videos of Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan speaking.

“The U.S. Government is the #1 enemy of Black people!" a caption on one video read. In another post on the Instagram account, Green wrote last week that he believed Farrakhan had saved him "after the terrible afflictions I have suffered presumably by the CIA and FBI, government agencies of the United States of America."

Responding to a comment on that post, Green wrote, “I have suffered multiple home break ins, food poisonings, assaults, unauthorized operations in the hospital, mind control.”

Green, 25, graduated from Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia, in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in finance, according to a program from the university commencement. A law enforcement source said he had a Virginia driver’s license.

An online athletics bio from the university said he was born in Fairlea, West Virginia, and that the “person in history he’d most like to meet is Malcolm X.” In a March 17 post on a Facebook account that appears to belong to him, Green wrote that he believed Farrakhan is “Jesus, the Messiah,” and that Farrakhan was “instrumental on my awakening and life’s work.” Green signed the post “Brother Noah X.”

“To be honest these past few years have been tough, and these past few months have been tougher,” Green wrote in the post. “I have been tried with some of the biggest, unimaginable tests in my life.”

He said that he was unemployed “after I left my job partly due to afflictions, but ultimately, in search of a spiritual journey.”

“My faith is one of the only things that has been able to carry me through these times and my faith is centered on the belief of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as Jesus, the Messiah, the final divine reminder in our midst,” the post continued. “I consider him my spiritual father. Without his guidance, his word, and his teachings that I’ve picked up on along the way, I would’ve been unable to continue.”

The same day, Green uploaded an image of a certificate that appeared to recognize a gift he had made to the Nation of Islam of $1,085. He also posted links to videos of several speeches by Farrakhan. One of the videos, of a 1996 speech by Farrakhan, was titled “The Divine Destruction of America.”

In his Facebook post, Green wrote that he had been “unknowingly” taking a drug and suffering from side effects.

“The Minister is here to save me and the rest of humanity, even if it means facing death,” he wrote, appearing to reference Farrakhan. “Be willing to deny yourself and follow him, pick up your cross.”

The Instagram and Facebook accounts were both taken offline Friday afternoon.

"After this horrific event, our thoughts are with the Capitol Police and their loved ones," a Facebook company spokesperson told CNN. "We have designated the incident under our Dangerous Individuals and Organizations policy, which means we have removed the suspect’s accounts from Facebook and Instagram, and are removing any content that praises, supports, or represents the attack or the suspect. We are in contact with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation.”

Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the ongoing investigation confirm to CNN the Facebook page is the suspect's. Additionally, an Instagram account with the same photos and information as the Facebook account was discovered by CNN.

CNN has attempted to reach Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam for comment on this story but has not received a response. Calls to the Nation of Islam were directed to the organization’s newspaper, and an individual that picked up the phone at the newspaper said there was no one there that could comment on the story.
Black lives matter.

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