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Post by Ralph » Sun Sep 21, 2008 9:01 am

Aaron Eckhardt, the only "name" in this coming of age film, is the married Humbert Humbert next door who lusts after a barely teenage girl who is caught between two cultures.

The teen is shipped off from her mom's Syracuse home to her dad's place in Texas. The mom is a blond American, the dad a thoroughly Americanized Lebanese who works for NASA. Hormones have started raging and mom wants the kid away before there are any consequences.

Dad may be very assimilated in many ways but he sticks to the precepts of modesty for girls that his culture demands. And in the hyper-heated high school Texas world, that's not the ruling value.

What follows is a snapshot of teenage rejection of anyone different - the girl is called "Towelhead" and "a sand nigger" by callous fellow students as well as a young black boy who recognizes both the brutality and illogical nature of his calling anyone such a name. A relationship develops between the two while next door Army reservist Eckhardt, in an unhappy marriage, tries to worm his way, figuratively and literally, into his teen neighbor's life.

The relationship between father and daughter totters between love and rage and is both realistic and upsetting.

I doubt this movie will get much screen exposure despite having one known quantity in the credits. But the acting is excellent, the story convincing. Worth putting on your DVD must-see list.

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