"The Door In The Floor"

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"The Door In The Floor"

Post by HoustonDavid » Tue Dec 21, 2010 4:48 pm

Just watched "The Door In The Floor" on HBO with Jeff Bridges, Kim Bassinger, and
Jon Foster. Excellent cast and well-done film, based on the first third of the book
"A Widow for a Year" by John Irving, an author of often whimsical prose whom I
usually enjoy. He wrote "The World According to Garp", among many others. "The
Door....." is about a young man (Foster) spending the summer with a writer/author
(Bridges) and his estranged family broken apart by a tragic accident which killed their
two teen-age sons.

The terrible details of the accident are slowly revealed as the young man (Foster)
becomes involved with the wife (Bassinger), and the writer/artist spends his time
seducing his neighbor's wives on the pretext of painting them. It is a typical John
Irving tragi-comedy performed by a very good cast. It was written as a screenplay
and directed by Tod Williams.
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