Biographies That Slander Their Subjects

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Biographies That Slander Their Subjects

Post by dulcinea » Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:20 pm

After much doubt and hesitation I finally read the biographies of Eric Liddell, Harold Abrahams and Isak Dinesen, and was totally floored at how different they were from their movie caricatures. The three turned out to be interesting people with very interesting lives, not at all like the opaque uninteresting nonentities of CHAYOTES OF MISFIRE and OUT OF mAFRICAn mind with boredom. Clearly EL, HA and ID were victims of bad writing, bad direction and bad casting. Ian Charleson, in particular, was so devoid of charisma and presence that he could have played the Invisible Man without any special effects; I certainly don't remember any of his scenes in CHAYOTES, GOONDHI or GREYSTOKE.
What other movie bayougraphies do you recall that were an absolute insult to the unfortunates whose stories they were supposed to be telling?
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