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The Master

Post by piston » Thu Mar 07, 2013 7:20 pm

Well, if you have lively analytical conversations with your partner, this one will get you going! I call it, "here are the clues, from A to Z, and let's see if you can make sense of them."

b. meets very capable "processing" therapist;
c. But what is the therapist's greater professional ambition?
d. And what role does the therapist's wife play in their "Cause"?'
e. Are they successful with their PTSD patient? He seems increasingly in control of himself.
f. Or did their "concentration" therapy destroy his capacity to feel anything?

Is this a movie about killing a veteran's affective order of meaning?
In the eyes of those lovers of perfection, a work is never finished—a word that for them has no sense—but abandoned....(Paul Valéry)

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