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Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:19 pm
by Lance

The other night, I saw, probably for the second time in my life, the 1953 colour film, TORCH SONG, which was magnificently done. Musical star, Jenny Stewart (Crawford) functions on two emotional levels: demanding and impossible. Only one person will stand up to Jenny, her (piano) accompanist, blinded in the war. But it may be Jenny who can't see, not only9 her own loneliness but also her chance for happiness. Crawford began her career as a chorus girl in the 1920s and illustrates that she still had the moves - and the gams - to play Jenny 30 years later. There's more to enjoy in this roller-coaster romantic drama: a volcanic Crawford performance and knockout renditions of "Tenderly," "Blue Moon," and more standards as staged by director Charles Walters. [Text mostly from the insert of the five-DVD collection called Volume 2 of the Joan Crawford Collection from Warner Brothers.]