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Black Panther

Posted: Tue Apr 03, 2018 6:57 am
by jserraglio
Cry, the beloved country!

Stunningly filmed. Stretches the conventions of the superhero comic-book genre. Pays homage to the diverse cultures of Africa. Holds up Africans as the Chosen People. Disassembles the tailings of European colonialism, relocating the mythical Eldorado of the conquistadors from South America to Africa. Reconnects the North-American diaspora to Africa. Comprehends, but rejects 1960s Black-Panther-style radicalism. Spells out some of the overtones implicit in Get Out. Mandelaian forgiveness and reconciliation: the late Nelson Mandela inhabits Chadwick Boseman's persona.

Good acting.

Best f(x) I have ever seen.

Gotta see this flick again.