Memorable Film Scores

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Memorable Film Scores

Post by Belle » Mon May 07, 2018 7:38 am

Tonight I've been going through some favourites from films of the past; great soundtracks. I came across this with accompanying image. This particular section of the score (Prelude to "Gone With the Wind") has always affected me deeply; and that suspension and resolution right at the end goes straight to the heart. When I saw the accompanying image of Gable and Leigh as I was listening this added another layer of poignancy. Two people once beautiful, powerful and vital - and now so long dead; the music somehow speaks to that and my personal nostalgia for the past: back to the 1960s when I first saw the film as a child. I don't say it's the best film music ever - but it's extremely evocative for me for the reasons I've articulated.

The screenplay for "Gone With the Wind" was written by Sidney Howard (well, he would have been the head writer). It was a tragedy that the 48y/o Howard died in a tractor accident (as my husband says, 'he must have turned on the ignition while the tractor was in gear') on his farm in August, 1939, before the film was released (December) and he was never to see the huge awards which would be garnered for the film in the 1940 Academy Awards, including one for himself! Dreadful story.

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