A few thoughts on Harold Robbins

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A few thoughts on Harold Robbins

Post by Wallingford » Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:29 pm

He was named "The King Of The Potboilers." Not too far off the mark, and rather perplexing, because when one looks past all those sexual episodes one can't help poring over repeatedly, one finds that Robbins did indeed have it in him, possibly, to write The Great American Novel. His knowledge is vast, he had a flawless sense of storytelling, and his novels could be read dozens of pages at a time, depending how hooked on a book an individual could be.

But Robbins had long since learned it was more profitable to hop on the Sexual Revolution bandwagon and pander to the masses, and his timing (50s Kinsey, and the Soaring 60s) was perfect. Even so, one looks back with regret on a talent squandered.

My Robbins kick was two years ago, and I'm rather happy it's long gone. As a student of writing, I find his work was worth exploring mainly to investigate what would've been with the direction of his talent, and how he amazingly hung on to a lot of it.
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