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Post by JackC » Wed Mar 30, 2005 10:26 am

I saw this movie last night. It's a German film about Hitler's last days. It was somewhat controversial in Germany because, supposedly, it did not portray Hitler as a totally one dimensional insane fanatic, but rather brought out some more sympathetic human qualities.

I've seen lots of films about Hitler and WWII, and have to say this is one of the best. It's totally from the German perspective. It probably could have been a little better if they had the budget/expertise to include some more large scale images and effects, to provide a bit wider perspective, the kind of thing that Hollywod does so well. Still that's a minor quip, and some may feel that that would have distracted from the point of the film, which was to how Hitler, and those around him, behaved in the last days.

I also don't think that Hitler was given "sympathetic" treatment in the least. The film never tries to to sell anything other than that he was was fanatic who brought untold misery on the world and ultimately on Germany. It shows powerfully how he was prepared to see, in fact ultimately desired to see, all Germans endure unimaginable death and suffering, for no reason other than that they "failed" him. To show that he could be gracious and kind to others in intimate settings is only to show what was well-known about him. Besides, if you think that evil always comes in the form of easy to identify cartoon characters, you miss much of what should be taken away from WWII.
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Post by Barry » Wed Mar 30, 2005 10:38 am

I saw it a couple weeks ago and also liked it a lot.

My only minor problem was all the sad music at the end when the Nazis were dying. I thought cheerful music would have been more in order for such things.
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