Public Morality Threatened in China

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Public Morality Threatened in China

Post by Ralph » Thu Jul 28, 2005 4:42 am

Chinese skinny-dippers spark morality debate
Wed Jul 27, 2005 3:37 AM BST

BEIJING (Reuters) - A heatwave in China has led to a rash of nude swimming this summer, sparking a moral debate over whether such skinny-dips should be allowed, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

"I was totally stunned and flushed at the first sight of these naked men," the China Daily quoted Zhao Yanjie as saying.

Zhao, who lives near a river bank in the northeastern province of Liaoning, was moved to call on police to prevent such behaviour after she and her family stumbled upon a group of nude bathers while out for an evening stroll.

"How can they do such disgraceful things in public?" she asked.

Others argued that while naked swimming might be acceptable in Europe, it violated traditional Chinese customs and ethics.

"They display their bodies for their own convenience but disregarding the public interest," said Ai Lijuan, a university lecturer in the seaside city of Dalian.

The swimmers were unrepentant.

"We can fully relax ourselves and merge with nature," a swimmer who declined to give his name told the newspaper.

His enjoyment of skinny-dipping did not make him an exhibitionist, the man said.

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