3 terrific concerts in Chicago

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3 terrific concerts in Chicago

Post by Heck148 » Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:57 am

I just got back from spending part of a week in Chicago, hearing some wonderful music. Fortunately my plane trips [out of Boston-Logan]fit in between all of the Boston Bombing/man-hunt trials and tribulations. Everything went according to schedule, strangely enough.

On Tuesday 4/16 - I heard Muti and the CSO perform the Bach b minor Mass. This was of cosmic dimensions, I'm stil absorbing it. To hear one of these great masterpieces live is a great eperience. There are so many things to absorb - Soloists, Orchestra, chorus - it's hard to know where to start - that said, the orchestra sounded great, with wonderful solo work, the chorus [CSO Chorus] magnificent, and the soloists excellent, and/or and better: mezzo and tenor.... [E. Burrato [s], A. Malavasi[m-s], S. Pirgu [t], A. Plachetka[bs]
Muti did a fine job withe score - the pacing was good, and he connected with the dramatic flow very well.
There were a couple of minor things - the "Incarnatus" could have been a bit softer - more mysterious - it is so beautiful - same with the closing passages of "Confiteor" - however, immediately before the chorus "Et Expecto Resurrectionem" the chorus achieved a splendid pianissiissimo - which set up the following outburst so effectively...
There were so may highlights, vocal and instrumental, I cant list them all. To hear such a great masterpiece live, performed by such wonderful artists, was really cosmic...

On Thurs 4/18 - I heard the opening concert of the next series - Mozart Sym #38 "Prague", and Beethoven Sym #4 and Vivaldi Concerto in A for Strgs. This provided a great showcase for the orchestra's wonderful woodwind and string sections.
The Mozart was beautifully done, with great clarity, vigor - Muti used somewhat reduced strings which provided great clarity to the texture. I heard Leving/BSO perform this a few years back - good, but quite heavy, alot of the wonderful inner voices were covered, and the whole thing had a heavy thick sounnd. Not with Muti, he achieved clarity, but plenty of power where needed. WW playing was fabulous, very present, great ensemble..
This continued with the Beethoven 4 [IMO the toughest LvB symphony to perform for the orchestra.]
Esp noteworthy was the lovely 2nd mvt - played to perfection - the woodwind work was outstanding throughout. lots of very delicate subtle playing of the solo lines - esp clarinet and bassoon...
Special kudos to the principal bassoon - David McGill - who performed magnificently on this difficult part - not just the fast staccato passage[s] in the finale, but in all of the many solos throughout the work. It's perhaps the finest bassoon playing I've heard live - certainly up in top contenders.

In summation - 2 great concerts by the great CSO - the orchestra is in excellent shape - I'm still flying high, processing what I heard. I'm so glad the schedule afforded me the opportunity to hear these wonderfully contrasting concerts, at which the CSO excelled both times...

Oh - the third great concert??
My hotel was right around the corner from Buddy Guy's Blues "Legends" club...I went there On Wed night, for $10 cover charge heard a terrific local blues band - no name, but these guys have played together for years, very tight, very good. lots of blues classics - Muddy Waters, Buddy Guym, Willie Dixon, etc. I esp liked "Got My Mojo Workin'" - great fun, neat place, highly recommended - music pretty much every night. I had great fun.

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