May 4: Names and Notes in Music

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May 4: Names and Notes in Music

Post by Lance » Sun May 07, 2006 11:10 am


Births and Deaths
  • Born 1942: Enrique Batiz, conductor
  • Died 1953: Simeon Bellison, clarinetist, born 12-04-1883
  • Died 2003: Sesto Bruscantini, bass-baritone, born 12-10-1919
  • Died 1984: Joseph Calvet, violinist, born 10-08-1897 [Calvet Quartet foudner]
  • Born 1917: Edward Toner Cone, composer
  • Died 2004: Robert De Ceunynch, conductor/pianist, born 04-16-1940
  • Died 2001: Eleanor Laush Dietrich, soprano, born 07-30-1912
  • Died 1955: Georges Enesco [Enescu], composer/violinist/conductor, born 08-19-1881
  • Born 1891: Frederick Jacobi, composer, died 10-24-1952
  • Died 1905: Louis Krasner, violinist, born 06-21-1903
  • Born 1883: Nikolai Malko, conductor, died 06-23-1961
  • Died 1932: José Mardones, bass singer, born 08-14-1868
  • Died 1943: Wilhelm Middleschulte, organist/composer, born 04-03-1863
  • Born 1924: Tatiana Nikolayeva, pianist/teacher, died 11-22-1993 [stroke on stage]
  • Born 1930: Robert Peters [Peterman], soprano [once wife of baritone Robert Merrill]
  • Born 1937: Marisa Robles, harpist
  • Born 1890: Paul Rosenfeld, author/music critic, died 07-21-1946
  • Born 1931: Gennadi Rozhdestvensky, conductor
  • Died 1983: Nino Sanzogno, conductor, born 04-13-1911
  • Died 2004: Erik Smith [Schmidt-Isserstedt], record producer [Philips, British Decca, Opera Rara], born 03-25-1931 [heart attack]
Musical Quote for Today

"Whoever knows me knows that I owe much to [Johann] Sebastian Bach, that I have studied him thoroughly and well, and that I acknowledge him only as my model."
—Franz Joseph Haydn, composer

What happened on this day in music history?

It was on this date in 1848 that composer/pianist Frédéric Chopin heard soprano Jenny Lind's Amina and he wrote to his friend, Grzymala: 'Her singing is infallibly pure and true and above all, I admire her piano passages, the charm of which is indescribable.'"
Lance G. Hill

When she started to play, Mr. Steinway came down and personally
rubbed his name off the piano. [Speaking about pianist &*$#@+#]



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