Can you guys please identify these pieces?

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Can you guys please identify these pieces?

Post by MegaKitsune » Sun Jan 21, 2007 4:47 pm

Hello, my name is Zack, and I've recently started getting into classical music and taking piano lessons.

These pieces are some that I know very little about, and I hope that I can learn both the true composer and title.

Both pieces were originally in MIDI form, but were on a computer that has no floppy or CD writer (and one was a keyboard demo), so I downloaded them to my Yamaha PSR-290 (which uses the XGlite soundset) and recorded them as MP3 at 320kbps, 48,000khz.

I don't know of any host better than Savefile, so sorry if it goes slow.

PIECE #1: This was in a DOS game called Dinosaur Predators. The readme says that the music in that game was either Beethoven or Brahms, but never gave specific credits.

PIECE #2: This is one of my keyboard's play-along demo songs, it shows up on the title screen as "Serenade" and that's all I know on this piece. One of my more classically trained friends said it sounded like Mozart, but couldn't point to a specific piece.

Thank you for helping me! ^___^

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Post by Lance » Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:18 pm

I went to the site, downloaded the files, but could hear nothing. Is me, my computer, or them? Am trying to help. Anybody have any problems getting to hear these samples?
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Post by ch1525 » Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:55 am

Lance, I think it must be your computer. I could hear them fine (wasn't sure what they were though).

You might want to double click on your volume icon in the taskbar and make sure that your "Wave" volume isn't lowered or muted.

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Post by Holden Fourth » Mon Jan 22, 2007 3:44 am

What's wrong with your files? I've had three goes at downloading and the fastest speed I can get is 12kbs. Considering I've got 8Mbs capability you might want to reload. This is probably the reason that very few people have replied.

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Post by johnQpublic » Mon Jan 22, 2007 8:29 am

My Itunes on my Mac couldn't open them up.

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Post by MegaKitsune » Mon Jan 22, 2007 5:56 pm

If anybody could reccomend a better host than Savefile, I'd be glad to upload them again.

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Post by jbuck919 » Mon Jan 22, 2007 9:28 pm

I was (apparently) opening them successfully but as you predicted it was so slow that I was simply not able to wait. Believe me, this is frustrating for us as we pride ourselves on identification, and it sure sounds from the context like your pieces should be relatively familiar.

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Post by RebLem » Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:51 pm

I was able to download them and listen to them with no trouble.

I am not sure what they are. I can tell you this. Both of them are synthesizer versions of things that were first in other formats. The first piece is a solo synthesized piano piece, and probably not a classical one, even in the broadest sense. It sounds more like popular music of some kind from, say, the period 1890-1920, and it is so metronomic that my guess is that the original inspiration for it was a piano roll; its definitely not ragtime, but I can't tell you any more than that.

The second piece is more familiar. I have heard the tune many times before, and I know I am going to kick myself when I find out what it is. "Yes, of course," I will say, I know it. It is a classical piece, but with radically different instrumentation. The piiece as presented is for synthesized piano with synthesized orchestra, and I know I have heard it in either a purely instrumental setting, or as a violin concerto. If I have a brainstorm, or I should happen to play the piece by accident and recognize the connection before someone else does, I'll come back here. Its at the tip of my mind, but I just can't quite grab hold of it.
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Post by Corlyss_D » Tue Jan 23, 2007 1:56 am

#1 is Brahms' Hungarian Dance #7

#2 is (yes, Reb, you will kick yourself, especially if you were a fan of the Ernie Kovaks show in the late 50s-early 60s) . . . . Boccherini's Minuet from his String Quintet E major, Op.11/5 (#5 on Disc 1 of the linked cd). Actually, I kinda like the playfulness of your version - adds a bit of sparkle to an old warhorse.
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