FOOTROT FLATS - by Murray Ball

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FOOTROT FLATS - by Murray Ball

Post by Wallingford » Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:18 pm

I'm SOOOOOO happy the rest of the world now has access to this neat-o animated movie, one I've waited 22 years to be able to see.......had the biggest box-office opening weekend in New Zealand history for its time (late 80s), and as a strip it's only been imported to several European nations (nil here in the US).

I'm exuberant to share it with you, and I only add that the Disney people possibly wouldn't have shut down their cel-animation movie unit if they'd put out more stuff like this, raunchy as it is. ... re=related

(It's in 13 parts complete.....there are links to the screen's right for clicking on whatever next part occurs)
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Re: FOOTROT FLATS - by Murray Ball

Post by Holden Fourth » Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:11 am

I lived and worked in NZ for a few years and am very familiar with Footrot Flats. Murray Ball had a daily syndicated FF cartoon in NZ (and also in a number of Australian papers as well). It is rather parochial but despite that a lot of it is very funny and very clever. The characters he created, both human and anthropomorphic, are very believable. The cat in the series is called Horse and he is the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the feline world. I hate cats but he is my favourite character. If you can find any FF books then give them a try. Murray has killed off the FF series.

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