Movie fans: "Beat the Devil"

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Movie fans: "Beat the Devil"

Post by John F » Sun Feb 12, 2017 6:14 am

This hilarious movie, directed by John Huston, written by Truman Capote, and with a heterogeneous all-star cast including Humphrey Bogart, Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Morley, Jennifer Jones, Peter Lorre, and many others, will be showing at New York's Film Forum, February 17-23.

It turns out that the released version, which came out in 1954, was radically re-edited from the movie Huston actually made. Apparently it was a flop in previews. So even if you're a long-time fan of "Beat the Devil," as I am, you'll be seeing something new.

Full disclosure: tickets are $8 for members, $14 for non-members.

Film Forum
209 West Houston St. (west of 6th Ave.)
212-727-8110 ... forum.html

Or you can see the released version for free on YouTube:

John Francis

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Re: Movie fans: "Beat the Devil"

Post by lennygoran » Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:29 am

John F wrote:
Or you can see the released version for free on YouTube:
Thanks, I may have to check this out-I enjoy watching you tube material on my TV with my roku--I was looking at some of the trivia--for example:

"Humphrey Bogart was involved in a serious automobile accident during production of this film, which knocked out several of his teeth and hindered his ability to speak. John Huston reportedly hired a young British actor noted for his mimicry skills to rerecord some of Bogart's spoken lines during post-production looping. Although it is undetectable when viewing the film today, it is Peter Sellers who provides Bogart's voice during some of the scenes in this movie. However this cannot be confirmed. " ... =ttqu_ql_1

Regards, Len

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