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Put on your Jamis

Post by diegobueno » Sat Jun 20, 2020 8:23 pm

Speaking of Sorabji, if you've got a couple hours to spare, here's a computer-generated performance of the third movement of Sorabji's Symphony no. 2, Jami. I assume the title refers to the suggested attire for listening to the whole 2-hour stretch.

Actually, that's not right. This is just the third movement of the symphony. To listen to the complete work would require another 2 and a half hours. It's scored for a large orchestra with chorus. Naturally it has never been performed by actual musicians, and I'm amazed that someone had the patience to program this electronic one. "The performance was created using Sibelius notation software and the Vienna Symphonic Library", says the guy who identifies himself as Davetubaking, so I assume he's gotten ahold of the score and made a computer-generated score that can be used when someone finally works up the courage and funding to put on a live performance.

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Re: Put on your Jamis

Post by barney » Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:46 am

Well you have to applaud that level of dedication and public-spiritedness.

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