Loren Rush: "Song and Dance" - heard it?

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Loren Rush: "Song and Dance" - heard it?

Post by Lance » Sun Aug 21, 2005 11:17 pm

The DANCE part of Loren Rush's Song and Dance was performed some years ago with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra under (I believe) Seiji Ozawa's direction. I turned heaven and earth to find a recording of the performanc, advertised in record magazines, various newspapers and heard nothing ... until one day, a man with very sophisticated equipment in the Midwest saw my advertisement two years later—maybe more—and I soon had a copy of that performance in pristine sound, which I treasure these many years later.

The "Dance" section of this piece is one of the most hypnotic pieces of music I have ever heard.

We don't hear about Loren Rush much these days, but he's got a website, teaches, and still composes. He apparently lives on the West Coast.

Has anyone else ever heard this piece - and have the same reaction?
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