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Lately your owners/administrators have received complaints and requests to delete threads and posts and to kick members out of CMG. The complaints come for the most part from a small but vocal group of the virtually the same members. We urge members to review the Rules and recall that the default position of the owners/administrators is freedom of speech for members. We encourage the free flow of ideas on the theory that the antidote for bad or dumb ideas is more discussion, not less, and certainly not deletions and banning.

In virtually all cases, the threads, posts, and members complained of have not broken the rules of the board (see, The Rules). As we have done privately and publicly in the past, we want to stress that members are not required to read any posts or threads by any members. Since reading anything on this board requires the member to initiate the voluntary act of accessing the thread and the posts, we strongly underscore that what members read is completely within their control. If one subject or one member causes great distress in another member, the simple solution is for the offended member not to read what offends him/her. The administrators firmly reject the idea that comity on the board can be purchased only by allowing a small number of members to dictate what is discussed and who is allowed to post.

Effective immediately:

1) the administrators will not respond to requests concerning either threads and posts or members' that have not broken the Rules (see, The Rules);

2) complaints about issues arising in the Chatterbox, the Reviews, and Films & Movies fora must be directed to Lance. Complaints about issues arising in the Pub must be directed to Corlyss; if complaints are made to the administrator not designated above to handle complaints concerning that forum, the complaints will be forwarded to the appropriate administrator, so don't try what lawyers call "forum shopping," i.e., going to Mommy because Daddy is not giving you the desired results; the only exception to this policy will be the extended absence of one administrator;

3) at the administrators' discretion, members' access may be limited to one or the other of the fora.



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