Fighting the New Puritans

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Fighting the New Puritans

Post by Belle » Thu Oct 06, 2022 6:11 pm

Andrew Doyle identifies the problems, and he's written a book about it. The same mindset exists on this section of CMG; if you don't agree with us - if you don't hold The Truth - you are evil. That is not an argument, nor was it ever an argument, nor will it ever BE an argument.

Nobody here who is a Christian has discerned the cognitive dissonance in the hard Left's ideologies either; you serve one god, not many!! Not to mention the politics of envy: "thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods".

The Left is their new "...strange god/s before me". That is, of course, why they despise Christianity and its existential threat their newer, shinier and more 'righteous' pieties. This has zero to do with modernizing some outdated nostrums of Christianity; it's about power. ... -puritans/

I'm not a regular church-goer as a Catholic but lately I'm very tempted to return to the fold and help shore up Christianity from persecution - with just one small step. It's the same reason I comment here: I follow Dr. Peterson's advice that in order to effect change we all have to contribute, no matter how small that contribution may be. That also means financial subsidization of online journals and donations to institutions. Fortunately I can afford to do that.

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Re: Fighting the New Puritans

Post by barney » Fri Oct 07, 2022 10:58 pm

Andrew Doyle is my very favourite tweeter, as the satirist Titania McGrath.
Sorry to burst your bubble, Belle, but he is a leftie - just not a woke leftie. I don't think you should let him on your computer screen - its NSFB (not safe for Belle).

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