Gaza Pullout about to start-Your thoughts


Gaza Pullout about to start-Your thoughts

Post by Saulsmusic » Sun Aug 14, 2005 8:22 pm

The Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon has decided to take the Israeli army and force Israeli Citizens out of their Land that they were living for 30 years.People have homes there,schools,hospitals,cemeteries,shops and many other community organizations and they are telling them to go out and leave everything behind.But for who?

Once the Jews will be kicked out from thier homes,who will then come to live there?

The hamas,the islamic jihad and thier palestinian supporters,in short the terrorists will fill in the vocume.Terrible!

I dont remember that any country ever did this ,that it used its army to kick out its own citizens and let thier enemies get the land.If anyone has any examples from recent or distant history I would be very interested to Hear.

The evil terrorist organization hamas has declared that even after the pull out it wont disarm becouse it wants Israel to pull out from more Land. Mabye Tel-Aviv? Or Haifa?

King Solomon said :"The heart of Kings is in the Hand of God".

I dont realy have any other logical explanation about Sharon's strange and extremly stupid actions.Sharon is the last person on earth that anyone would have expected to kick jews out of thier land,becouse he was the Settler's Leader.He was the one that built houses and told the Jews to settle those lands.Now this 'leader' kicks them out.So looking on this situation with 'Natural eyes' you will find it to be the strangest and most unthinkable thing that one could expect from Sharon.But only King Solomon's words :"The heart of Kings is in the hand of God" can give us some comfort.That there is someone that pulls the strings from above.Someone that is realy setting the situation,someone that decides what would happen.Even though this whole situation looks terrible and confusing,we can rest assured that something good will come out from this even though we cant see it now.But Since God is the one that is realy running the show and Sharon is only a puppet,so too Bush and all other Kings of this world,we are sure that it is all for the Best.

God Bless Israel


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