Fortuna Releases Digital Music Player for Classical Fans

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Fortuna Releases Digital Music Player for Classical Fans

Post by Mark Antony Owen » Fri May 26, 2006 6:03 pm

SAN DIEGO, May 24 /PRNewswire/Wednesday May 24, 1:35 pm ET

Maestro Is the First Player to Properly Organize Classical Music

Fortuna Classical Music has released Maestro, the first digital music player designed for classical music. Maestro is the only music player that can correctly classify and organize a large collection of classical music. Maestro is capable of holding the music of over 3600 CDs and includes high-resolution scans of full CD booklets, not just cover art. General Director and Artistic Director of the San Diego Opera, Ian Campbell, has been using Maestro for the last 6 months and says, "Maestro has completely changed how I listen to classical music. I love comparing different versions of the same aria, which was difficult with all my CDs. Maestro makes this amazingly easy ... For the first time in years I spent the entire weekend sitting on my couch just listening."

Maestro was developed in response to the classical music shortcomings of other digital music players. Founder and CEO Bill Stensrud says, "In the past, all digital music players were designed for pop music fans. When I tried to put my classical music on those players it was tagged so poorly, I couldn't find anything ... We developed Maestro because I love classical music and none of the other digital music players had a clue how to deal with a classical collection."

About Fortuna Classical Music

Fortuna Classical Music is a privately held, San Diego based company dedicated to the technological and social advancement of classical music. Co-founders Evan Schumacher and Ross Stensrud met as engineering students at the University of California at San Diego and began the company to address the unique challenges faced by classical music collectors sidelined by technology designed for the pop music majority.

Please visit our website at

Contact: Ross Stensrud
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